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Friday, January 30, 2009

Expressed love.......

I was with my cousin yesterday. My
uncle passed away a few days
ago and I spoke at his funeral
service. My cousin is a very
successful attorney in Dallas.
He is 14 years older than me.

I've never seen anyone who
genuinely expressed love as
he does. He is always happy.
He is kind to everyone he meets.

I noticed today at lunch how
endearing he was to the sweet
little Korean waitress we had.
He is like that with everyone.

Charles, my cousin, is an inspiration
to me.

After the funeral, the funeral
director took us to Charles' mother's
grave. I knew he wanted me to
get out of the car with him
to walk over to his mother's grave.

Charles had promised his five
daughters that he would
tell 'Nenaw', (the affectionate
name they gave their grandmother),
that they loved her still. 'Nenaw'
has been gone for several years.

Charles stood at 'Nenaw's grave'.
I watched his lip begin to quiver
as he called out each of his
daughter's names and told 'Nenaw'
that she was loved and sorely
missed. He cried as he buried
his head into my shoulder.

I think that somehow, Nenaw
heard what he said. All I felt
was love.

I hope I can encourage you to
make love a priority in your life.
You'll be happier, You'll be more
fulfilled. And you'll feel amazing
love in return.

Have a blessed and love-filled

With great love from my heart to yours,

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