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Monday, February 2, 2009

Love is patient.......

I was in a store recently
when I heard a man 'go
off' on the lady that was
with him. He didn't seem
to be concerned with
who heard him. In fact,
he didn't appear to be
able to hold back his
anger nor his words.

She said nothing. She
simply had this very hurt
look on her face. Almost
as if she was about to
cry from the berating and

True love is patient. In
fact, the essence of
real love possesses

The Apostle from Tarsus
said, "Faith works by

Patience takes faith. It
takes believing in another
person. It takes knowing
that the other person loves
you enough to believe in

To believe in someone is
to believe that the person
loves you and always has
your best interest in mind.

In the case that I saw at
the store, I can tell you,
that was not real love.
(Nor was it even decent).

If you're with someone
in a relationship that does
that sort of thing, you've
got to ask yourself 'why'
you're in that relationship.

You may have many very
good and legitimate reasons
but you still need to be
conscious of 'why' you

The key is checking your
own love and seeing
whether you have patience
in your love.

As I've shared before with
you, you must choose
love as a way of life. Not
just 'waiting on that special

Its about choosing first to
love yourself. Then its
about choosing to love
people in general. Then and
only then can you truly love
someone that you are
romantically attracted or
involved in.

Then, you'll find that true,
genuine love possesses
patience. You'll know that
the one that you're 'in love
with', loves you and always has
your best interest in mind.

Think about it.

Avalanches of love to you,

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