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Monday, January 12, 2009

Sending some love to you..............

When I was a child, I
learned a phrase that
is quite likely some of
the best advice I've ever

I sensed it in my own
heart and mind. In fact,
even as a 6 foot tall
7th grader, and even
though I was really into
sports, I had a very
sensitive side to me
that made this phrase
even more profound.

Today it means more
to me than it ever has
before. Especially with
the ups and downs, hurts,
disappointments and
sometimes daunting
challenges of life.

The phrase I learned

"Let everything be done
with love."

You see, I was taught
that 'love covered all
wrong.' Not just things
I'd done wrong. But
ALL wrong. Whatever
was wrong, love
would fix it.

As I've been sharing
with you lately, I'm
planting, invoking,
injecting love into
everything. Its just
a matter of taking
conscious actions.

I'm injecting love into
every organ of my
body. I'm confident
that love can and will
be health and vitality
to my physical body.

I'm injecting love into
my finances, business
and bank account. I
believe it can and will
make a huge difference.
I believe it will prosper

I'm injecting love into
people that I normally
have a difficult time
with. You know. Even
those that are in your
memory and aren't a
part of your present
experience. However,
they seem to never die
in your mind whether
physically present or

And, of course, I'm
injecting love into
this and every message
that I send to you.

To take it at least
one more step further,
I'm injecting love into
your life. I'm honored
that you're connected
with me. I want your
life to be filled with
love. There's nothing
I could want any
more than that for

Think about this
message today.

"Let everything be
done with love. Let
everything be filled
with love."

With loads of love
and gratitude to


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