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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love declines......

I found a very interesting tool on
FB. It is called 'Lexicon'. It tells
you how much a single word is
used on the FB network by users
like me and you.

I naturally wanted to find out about
the word 'love'. It is very interesting
that during the last quarter of 2008,
there is a steady decline of the usage
of this word.

You can go and join Lexicon and see
for yourself. The link is at .

You can also contrast two words like
'love,hate', 'friend, enemy', 'good, bad',
etc. I'm very happy to report that in
ALL of these words, that I contrasted,
the positive words were used far
more than the negative opposites.

Nonetheless, I'm wondering if there
is a direct parallel to the decline in the
usage of these words and what all
our economy, country and world
are going through.

The other night, I rewatched the
video documentary of "The United
States of America versus John
Lennon." I was pretty young back
'in the day' when John and Yoko
staged their 'love in'. However,
as I watched this video, I came
to a belief that I'm sure impacted
the war in Vietnam. I now believe
that the case for love and peace
ultimately ended the war.

I'm on a campaign today to not
only get men and women talking
about love, but, actually expressing
it to each other. Many of our
misguided thoughts and impressions
about love have distorted what love
really is all about.

I believe that love is going to
ultimately win the day. It is the
most powerful force that we
can express upon the planet.

That's why I share my thoughts
with you each day. It is why I
share my love with you. I'm truly
honored that you would hear
my voice and choose to listen.
I'm amazed at how many people
respond to these thoughts.

I honestly feel amazing love
for you and for all who are
gathered here.

Today, I ask you to consider
these words I've shared with
you. How you feel and what you
say today, does make a difference.

I thank you for accepting my love
and for allowing me to be a part
of your life, your mind and your

Boundless love from my heart to yours,


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