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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How you love..............

I've got a couple of
'guy' friends that I
like to hang out with.
We watch football or
basketball. Sometimes
we just talk (mainly
about women and sports
but not always in THAT

One of my buddies is
Dr. Rick. He also
happens to be my
chiropractor. We
get together almost
every Friday for
several hours. We
support, encourage
and learn from each
other. We kind of do
a 'blending of the

Dr. Rick and I really
do care about each
other. We're both
secure enough to
say, 'I love you, bro'
(we have to add the
'bro' part; we aren't
THAT secure, yet :-).

Another buddy of mine
is Bill. We're the same
way when we're

I genuinely love both
of these guys. They
are amazing human
beings. Great souls.

Many years ago, I
was taught there are
different kinds of love.
As I shared with you
yesterday, I've now
come to the understanding
that there's only 'one

I was taught that there is
'eros' which is romantic
love. I was also taught
that there is 'phileo',
which is a brotherly
love (like I feel for
Dr. Rick and Bill and
several other 'guy'
friends of mine). Then
I was taught that there
is 'agape' which is the
spiritual, God-kind of

I've come to the point
that I believe that
there is only 'one love.'
I believe that 'one love'
is 'agape'. I think eros
and phileo are expressions
of that one love.

The way I now see it,
there are different levels
and different expressions
of that one love.

Why would I make such
a big deal about this?

Well, this is where most of us
'guys' get confused. We
are afraid that if we
express love to another
guy that they are going to
take it wrong. We think
that they are going to
think 'eros' when in fact
we mean 'phileo'.

The ancient and true
proverb says that 'we
perish for a lack of
knowledge.' I hope to
clear up some of the
'lack of knowledge'
about love. We've
got to get to the place
that we can love each
other freely, guys and
gals. I think our existence
on this planet will require

So, with that said,

'Bill, Dr. Rick, Bob, John,
Mike, Ralph, Larry, Gary,

"I love you, bro!" :-)

Monika, Patricia, Dorothy,
Mary, Lillianne, Clara,
Susie, Anita,

"I love you!" (.period)

Oh, and I want you to
know, YOU are more
than amazing! You
really are!


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