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Friday, January 9, 2009

You should try this......

I did a little exercise that
came to me intuitively
this morning while I was
still in bed.

I wanted to share it with
you. I was surprised at
what I felt.

It is simple.

Just close your eyes
and either say or
simply think, words
like 'love, peace,
happy, joy, compassion,
light, kindness,
gentle, charged,
energy'.....and any
other words that you
know to evoke positive

Now, the key is,
with your eyes closed,
notice any feelings
you have physically in
your body AS you say
these words.

Take them one at a time.
And with each one, notice
where you feel and how
you feel as you say the

I know it sounds like a
'feel good' seminar type
exercise, but I've never
done it before. Never
thought of doing it.
Maybe you have.

I think you'll see why
you should choose words
that are positive and good
in your thoughts and in
your speech.

Let me know what you

Much love and abundant blessings,

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