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Monday, January 19, 2009

"Where you'll find your answer......"

I've had an interesting week. A lot
of soul searching and digging deeper.
I read the book, 'Power Vs. Force'
by Dr. David Hawkins. Interesting
book to say the least.

Dr. Hawkins is somewhat of a
controversial figure. That's o.k. with
me. I'm not a 'totalizing' person.
I don't 'hate or love' a book. I run
everything I read through my own
filter. What I see as truth and as
good for me, I keep. The rest
is there on a shelf should I ever
decide to do anything with it.

The big key that is divine confirmation
from this book (for me) is, love
is an amazing power. It is NOT
forceful. In addition, I received
further confirmation that my
divine connection is truly the
most powerful and trustworthy
power in my life.

I've never been one who slept
a lot. I've always been an early
riser. I know that most people
prefer not get up early. I do.
Always have. I like it and enjoy
it (its o.k. if you're saying,
"Ugh!" :-). However, lately
I've been going to bed
earlier and sleeping a little
longer. Really good, sound

I also try to go to sleep with
something profoundly spiritual
on my heart and mind. My
epiphanies usually come shortly
after waking up.

This morning, the voice within
said, "Your answer is found
within." The guidance that
you want and need is found
in your heart. It is bathed
in love, cloaked in peace and
covered with joy. It is divine.

It is quite likely what has been
leading you your entire life. It
is what is making your heart
to beat. It is what is making
'life' to continue in your body.

I'm expecting specific guidance
in my life. I'm looking for it
within. I've too many times,
sought it outside. I've tried
to 'make it happen.'

Dr. Hawkins says that "God
is guiding your life. All that
it takes is for you to start
becoming aware of it." He
calls this 'awareness' or

The answer that you're likely
seeking is inside of you. It
is in that 'still small voice.'

Listen in love.

I truly do feel divinely
connected with you as
my dear friend.

I'm offering this message
to you in great love,

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