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Thursday, January 22, 2009

This will help you today..........

I want to share something with you
that I believe will inspire you today.
In fact, it will empower you to make
it through what you may be going

I'm inspired by people who have gone
through the most unimaginable trials
and made it through with perseverance,
love and forgiveness. I've met a few.
In fact, there are some right here
among those in the Powerful Attitudes

People just like you. You may have
been through the most horrible of
circumstances and events in your
life, but, there's one thing I know


When you relive, with negative
emotions, such as hate, unforgiveness,
self-pity and blame, bad things
that have happened to you,
you don't destroy those who
hurt you. You destroy your own

Forgiveness is 'for-giving'. It is
choosing love as a standard
for your life. It is 'for-giving'
love to someone (or many
people) who likely don't deserve
to be forgiven.

What some might consider my
biggest fault is really, my biggest
strength. I love to give. I love
to give you encouragement
and love here in these messages.
I love tipping extra when I go
out to eat. I love giving a kind
word to someone that I see
who looks as if they can use
a kind word. I make it a priority
to treat the seemingly 'little or
unimportant people in life',
with respect, love, encouragement
and appreciation.

Yesterday, I went to a small grocery
market here in my hometown. My
mother has been a bit under the
weather and she needed some
food. I was out doing some
grocery shopping for her.

I went to the counter and a
late 30s, early 40s lady named
Marcia was there to take my
money at the cash register.
I asked her, "Marcia, how are
you doing today?"

She told me that she had
just moved to this store
from a store about 10
miles away (same chain).
She said that she was trying
to get used to THIS store
and it was 'trying' on her

I stood there and encouraged
her for no more than 2 minutes.

Her face lit up and she thanked
me for taking the time to talk
to her.

You see, love is 'for-giving'.
Whether its showing love
to someone in your past who
may have hurt you (or even
tried to destroy your life) or
if it is someone like Marcia.

Choose today to give someone
your love. Its done in many
different ways. Also, choose
to give yourself the gift
of forgiving anyone and everyone
in your past (don't forget to
forgive yourself; I'll talk more
about that soon).

Feel the sincere love that I'm
sending to you today!

I appreciate you!



Denise said...

I agree! Love the forgiveness is for-giving quote. Enjoyed your blog.

Michael Murphy said...

Thank you, Denise.
You are amazing!

Much love,