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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Inside A Farmer's Mind

John, my farmer friend,
taught me a lot that day
about the seed and the
stalks. Kind of like you
and me. We too start as a
microscopic seed.

Later that next spring, I
was out with John again.
He had recently tilled the
soil and planted more
corn seed in the field.

We were standing there,
leaning against his truck
and I said, "So now you've
got SEED in this field?"

John looked at me kinda
funny and said, "No, Michael,
I have CORN in this field."

I said, "But John, I don't see
anything but dirt. Then when
I look a little closer, I DO see
some seed. You WILL HAVE
corn, but now you've only
got SEED."

John says, "No Michael.
Farmers don't see it that
way. You see, we don't
call it 'planting seed'; we
call it 'planting corn' or
whatever other crop we
are intending to get.

Jokingly, I protested and
said, "Well, John, that may
be how you say it, but that's
now how I see it. I don't see
anything but dirt and seed."

John says, "Well, Michael,
I see corn. Big tall stalks
of corn. Taller than you and
I. And that is what I'll see
until harvest time. That's
how a farmer sees it and that's
how a farmer says it."

Its funny what you can learn
from a farmer. He sees
what isn't there except in
his imagination. Yet he
knows what will be even
when you can't see it. I
saw dirt. John saw corn.

Amazing isn't it?!

Plant the seed of what
you want an abundance of.
See the harvest even
before it physically appears.
Call it what you intend for
it to be. Care for it and
water it with love.
Then, the only thing left
is to gather the harvest
when that time comes.


Have a super happy
new years!

I appreciate you with great love,


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This will help today........

Another little thought that I had
this morning that I want to
share with you (they just keep
coming :).

I've learned that 'whatever I
give, from a sincere, truly
humble, caring and giving
heart, I get more back
in abundance'.

I was talking to a farmer in
a small town here in Texas
several years ago. He shared
some profound wisdom with

One thing he taught me is,
'the corn seed is much smaller
than the stalk.' It was very
close to harvest time. The
stalks of corn were taller
than me (I'm 6'3").

He reached into his truck and
retrieved a flattened and
mostly empty sack. He
reached inside and got
a quarter hand full of corn

He picked out one seed
with his other hand and
held it up to a stalk of

He simply said, "This
stalk used to be the
size of this seed."

I might be a little slow
sometimes, but I GOT
what he was saying to
me :)

When you need love,
you plant seeds of
love, you reap stalks
of love.

When you need kindness
shown to you, you plant
seeds of kindness by
being kind to others, you
reap stalks of kindness.

When you're at the
supermarket and you
need a smile, you plant
seeds of smiles, you
get back stalks of smiles.

My biggest question in
my life right now, is not,
'what am I getting?' My
biggest question is,
'what am I sowing?'

You become the prophet
of your own life by
the seeds that you plant.

Tomorrow's stalks are
today's seeds.

I appreciate you more
than you can imagine!

Much love,