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Saturday, January 10, 2009

This is 'to you' and 'for you'........

I thought that you might need
this today. Kind of a follow up
from yesterday's message I sent
to you.

There's a certain feeling that I
get in my emotional center of
my body (solar plexus) when
I speak words.

The key, that I shared yesterday,
is to become aware of the
feeling and effect of words
in your emotional center. Notice
how a word 'feels' when you
speak it verbally or silently.

Now, as you become more
conscious of your emotional
responses to certain words,
focus on the word 'love'.

You'll find a very special sense
and wonderful emotional
response to 'love'.

Now, I would encourage you
to 'plant' love into every
part of your being. When you
do this, you will find that
love is amazingly powerful.

Further, I would encourage
you to 'plant' love into your
relationships, your job, your
business, your career, your
bank account, your spirit
and every part of your body.

I'm convinced that you will
be healthier when you do
this. Get focused on it.
Especially if you are sick.
'Plant' love in that area
of your body that is ill.
Do it all of the time. Do it

I remember the ancient
philosophic minds and
music of Lennon and
McCartney :-), said,
"All you need is love!" :-)

I sincerely send loads of
love in the words above.
They are 'to you' and 'for


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