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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Biggest fear......

I was wondering if
you've ever considered
what it is that you fear
the most in your life?

I was talking to a friend
yesterday that reached
out to me because of
some things she is going
through. She didn't say
it, but as I reflect now,
I heard it in her voice.

What is IT that I fear
the most?

I'd never asked myself
that before. When I really
got honest with myself,
I was surprised at my

The usual answers were,
'poverty, failure, sickness,
disability, alienation,
rejection...'. But then
I thought, "What is the
ONE THING that I fear
the most?" Then, I got
really honest as I
reached deeper.

I think my answer is
the answer that you
might have if you dig
really deep.

What is it?

It is the fear of not being
loved. When I faced
it, THAT is what it
really is.

Along with being loved
is, being accepted, having
approval and validation.
But the root of it is the
fear of not being loved.

The BIG question is,
"How much do you love

Start there. Start loving
yourself. That is THE place
to start.

Much love for you,


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