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Sunday, January 11, 2009

This will feel good to you......

Have you ever heard of
your 'emotional center'?
I mentioned it in my last
note to you.

The best I can describe
where it is, it is near
the top of your stomach,
just below your sternum.

This is THE place that you
will feel the emotions
that are evoked as a
response to words that
you hear or say.

When I get a focus, an
awareness, a consciousness
on my emotional center
and then, **breathe** in a
certain word like 'love',
I feel it spread out from
my emotional center.

For instance, when I'm
focused on and sensitive
to my emotional center
and **breathe** in
the word 'love', I feel
it 'as if' it is plowing
into my soul and allowing
love to flow in.

You might experience it
a bit differently, but I
can assure you that
with your focus on your
emotion center, you will
feel something. And, it
will feel good.

Each positive word I
breathe in and out, has
a little different feel to
it. All of them feel good.

Negative, limiting and
lacking words don't feel
the same. So I don't
recommend that you even
try using them. I want
you to feel good. Just
take my word for it, please.

Oh, I might share with you,
when you **breathe** in
the word, just take a deep
breath as you say or
think the word in your mind.

I'm sure I'm not the first one
that ever had the intuition to
do what I'm sharing with
you. Some one very likely
discovered this a long time
ago. However, it is something
that is new to me and I'm
recognizing its power to
affect me.

I want you to experience all
of the love, joy, happiness and
peace that you deserve.

And, for those of you out there
that don't feel loved, please
know that I love you along with
many, many friends that I'm
connected with here.

Avalanches of love to you!


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