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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Faith, Hope and Love

I don't about you, but I'm
definitely sensing that right
now is a very critical time
for our nation and the world.

The events of yesterday. The
first African American
president being sworn into
office. The economic crisis.
Some are saying that its
the worst we've had since
the great depression. We
aren't engaged in one, but
TWO wars. Over ten trillion
dollars in national debt.
Corporate America unraveling
in many places and in various

Right now is a time for you and I to
rise up and act out three
virtues that we were instructed
to live out, many years ago.

What are they?

Faith, Hope and Love

We've got to hold on and have
faith in the future. We've got
to connect to our spiritual
core stronger than we've
ever done before.

We've got to continue to dream.
Faith is built on the foundation
of hope. Your hope equals your

Yesterday, the dream that Dr. King
talked about on the steps of
the Lincoln Memorial and echoed
onto the steps of Capitol, were
reversed. The prophetic words
of a southern black preacher
were fulfilled 'in your hearing'
and in your viewing, yesterday.

Hope that is built on that
which is right, will prevail and
be manifested through your

And above all, we must make
the choice to stop blaming
and looking for fault, but instead
choose to unite in our love for
one another. Our love must
be based on the foundation
of the 'truths that we hold
as self evident.' The truths
of freedom. The truths of

Today, our politics have
far less to do with Republican,
Democrat of Independent.
It has to do with being an

I want to encourage you
today to hold these pillars
of life, consciously in your
heart, your mind, your
meditations and your prayers.

Faith, Hope and Love are as
vital to you and me as the
meals we will eat today.
The supremacy of love is
as vital as the oxygen you
and I will breathe today.

I'm here to remind you
(and me).

I appreciate you with great


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