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Sunday, January 25, 2009

This will make your day....better.....

Five years ago, I was sitting on
a park bench 'inside' WalMart,
waiting on my mother. She was
doing some shopping and I had
driven her there.

A Colonel Sanders looking elderly
gentleman walked up and asked
if he could sit down beside me.
He obviously loved turquoise
jewelry. 4 rings. A bracelet
and his boa were all adorned
in the beautiful blue stone. They
all matched his glistening bright
blue eyes.

We chatted about WalMart,
Sam Walton and this commercial
power that has taken over America.

I pounced on the opportunity to
hear his story. I knew he had
one just by looking at him.

He told me several war stories
and about being in Italy, England
and Russia. We sat for nearly
an hour and he never came up
for air :-).

To say the least, I found every
detail amazingly intriguing and
gained quite an eduction from
this interesting man.

Every body has a story. They've
seen wonderful times and daunting
times. They are all dying for someone
who will listen.

Let me tell you a sure-fire, quick
way to enrich your own life today.
Somebody that you come into
contact with, is looking for
someone else who wants to hear
their story.

BE that someone today. Actually
look for someone who wants to
tell you their story. It won't be
hard to find someone who is
dying to tell you about their
life. There are many.

However, there are few who
want to listen. Love others
today by listening to them.
Hear their stories. Listen
with your heart. You'll be
amazed at how seemingly
common people aren't
common at all. They've had
extraordinary experiences
and lives.

Make your own day today
by making someone else's

Have an amazing, love-filled day,


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