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Friday, January 16, 2009

You are one with love.......

I over heard the conversation
in the booth next to me. It was
somewhat disturbing as I was
certainly not trying to eavesdrop.

She said, "I don't feel loved
anymore. I don't feel that love
is any part of my life anymore."

I thought about it deeply.
I reasoned with what I heard
her say. I felt deep compassion
for her.

Its not that hard to figure
out logically. Its pretty
straight forward.

However, you aren't just
an intellectual, logical
being. You are emotional,
psychological and spiritual.

Let me explain it the way
I've read it and understand

1. God is love
2. We are one, united with God
3. We are love

Now, I don't know about you,
but haven't always **felt**
that I am love (or, one with
God for that matter). In fact,
I don't **feel** it all of
the time now.

So, I accept these facts. But
is THAT all there is?

I don't believe so.

But, if it is true, then why
haven't I always **felt**
that I am one with love
(I am love)?

You might want to think
about it this way.

Have you ever loved
someone? Did, at some
point, you stop or at least
cut way down on how
much you TOLD them
that you loved them?

What happens when you
do that?

My guess is, they start
questioning whether you
love them or not.

So what does that have
to do with you and I feeling
like we are one with love?

Simple. We don't tell ourselves.
In fact, you may have not
ever heard of you 'being
love' before.

I think it will help you if
you'll start telling
yourself. When you do
this, allow yourself to
feel it inside. It feels
really good. It refreshes
and cleanses you emotionally
and spiritually.

Allow yourself to think
about this today. Try
it. I think you'll like it :).

Here for you.

Much love,

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