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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2010 !!!

This helped me. Thought
you might could use it.

It is January 1, 2010.

No? Well, imagine 'as if'
it is.

Look back on 2009.

What did you accomplish?

What successes did you

What did you do that
you'd always wanted to

What changes did you
make that you've always
thought about making?

What actions did you
take that caused those
positive changes?

How happy are you with
your life on Jan. 1, 2010?

What is making you smile
and feeling amazingly
grateful as you think back
over the past year?

Now, get you a notepad,
legal pad, steno notebook,

Write it all down.

Start carrying this with
you and reviewing in

Let it be your constant

If anyone asks you
why you're carrying it
around, tell them,
"Oh, its just a blank
book (pad) that I'm filling
up with some pretty
amazing things. That's

Or, like a friend mine
says, "Oh, its just my

Then, leave them
wondering what you're
up to.

I'm seeing amazing
things happening in
your life, looking
'back' on 2009! :) I'm
seeing dreams

What are you seeing?

Thanks for letting me
be a part of your life.

I appreciate you with love,


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