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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just a thought about the power of love......

Have you ever thought about the
true **power** of love? I mean,
what giving, living and receiving
love can affect?

Think about this. The folks of
my generation (now 50s
something) grew up in the
60s and 70s (just after the
dinosaurs vanished from the
earth :-).

All of the hippies and yippies
were talking about 'love'. Now
I'm not sure that a lot of it
wasn't actually about indulgence,
but the word 'love' was still
everywhere. The Beatles and
others were singing about
it. Our generation was
certainly talking about it.

Just think about how fashion,
society, culture, art, music,
religion and so much more
were influenced by this era
and its theme of love.

Think about how a simple
carpenter from Nazareth
(I'm talking about the town
in Israel; not the rock group
:-) affected the world. Jesus
is still affecting the world.
He came with a message
of love.

I could cite several other
examples of how people
promoted love and touched
and even changed, the

Is hate more powerful than
love? That's like asking if
the dark is more powerful
than the light? Of course
its not. Light always dispels
darkness. It can never get
'dark enough' to overcome

Love is somehow thought
to be weak or passive. It
is not. Love is a spiritual
power that overcomes
every evil imaginable.

No **big** revelation.
Just think about the power
of love and what it can

It is far more than amazing
when you consider it.

Just a thought.

Bounds of love to you today,

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