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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heart Note.....

A lot of feedback has come my way
regarding the "God is Love" post.
All of it very positive.

The mind of love IS the mind of God.
The Bible says, "You have the mind
of Christ." I've never been one to
water down spiritual truth. Thus,
I embrace that truth totally.

As I'm searching for answers in
my own life, I meditate and pray
a lot. Especially in the bed during
the night.

I believe God speaks to me during
the quiet. Sometimes, God is just
quiet during the quiet.

Last night, the thought occurred to
me, "What if everything in my life
changed?" What if I abandoned
all of my present thinking and just
allow God to bring whatever else
is needed in my life to replace it?

There's a place that I want to go
to in my life in love, in God. There's
a place of peace and bliss that I
want to live. Deeper than I've
ever been before.

What if it takes walking away from
some present relationships? What
if it takes walking away from some
ways of thinking, some pride, some
means of approaching my life that
very likely haven't been working?

I'm feeling a shift inside. The thought
even occurred to me, what if I don't
write anymore?

Yesterday, an amazing friend
responded to me and planted a
seed thought in my heart and
mind. I shared with him some
rough times I'd seen as of late.
He planted a seed thought that
challenged me.

He said, "Surrender to it all."
Only four words. Six syllables.
Powerful depth.

Sometimes, I pray and tell God,
"Take complete control of my
life." In fact, I do that oftentimes.
I'm quite sincere in saying, asking

I want to live in that place of
love and surrender.

I'm not sure why I'm sharing my
heart on such an open and deep
level today. Perhaps you're feeling
what I'm feeling. If so, you and I
will get closer today.

Maybe its to let you know that
though I'm seeking and reaching
deeper in my life, I've not arrived.
I think its essential to be vulnerable.
Its the only way that you can
authentically grow in your life.

I appreciate you being a part of
my life. I am humbled that you
allow me to be a part of your life.

I appreciate you more than you
could ever imagine.

Cascades of love and blessing,

1 comment:

Becky said...

I love your heart. God loves your heart. I'm reminded of the saying "The best sermon ever preached, was lived." He is powerfully living through you. You and your words have touched my heart in a way that my words can not describe.