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Monday, March 16, 2009

God is love.......

It never ceases to amaze me
how many people are going
through enormous life challenges
right now. Especially in their

As of late, I've been encountering
so many that have complexities
of religion thrown into the mix.

I don't mean true spirituality
and connection with God. I'm
talking about the rigid, dark side of

No matter where you come from
in your faith, I know that there
is one thing that we can all agree

"God is love"

No 'yeah buts' needed. When
we 'yeah but' things, what ever
is on the other side of that
argument becomes the focus.

The focus, the primary over-riding,
over-ruling and sovereign truth is,

"God is love"

It is truth. It will not change. A
billion arguments and diversions
can be created. It still will not

I know that there are some
who are here with us in this
group that don't believe that
there is a God. However, I'm
confident that you do believe
that 'there is love.' Well, I
believe that the source of
love is God. I have no
interest in arguing it (or
anything else for that
matter :-).

I live in the Bible belt. In
fact, being near Dallas,
Texas, I'm pretty sure I live
right 'under the buckle of
the Bible belt.' I've seen
mean-spirited religion. I've
seen judgmental, racist,
accusing, fear-full,
and intolerant religion.

I was a minister with a
local church for 15 years.
I think I've seen it all.

I have degrees in Theology.
I was on broadcast television
for over 10 years. I was honored
to assist very prominent
ministers when they went through
very difficult times. Some were
considered 'fallen' by many
of like religion. I've traveled
the world from the U.S., to
Australia to Russia and other
places in between speaking in
churches and other venues.

There's one conclusion that
I come to today after living
a half century on the planet.

"God is love"

If you're going through something
today and religion is thrown into
the mix, I've got some advice.
Know that religion, though it
talks about God, really has
little to do with who or what
God really is.

If religion spends the majority
of its time on anything other
than love, then I'm confident
that it has little to do with God.
You'll find that it has to do with
with judging, accusing, hating,

"God is love"

I guess more than anything,
this is a reminder. For me and
perhaps for you.

Avalanches of love to you today,

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