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Friday, March 6, 2009

What do you want in your life?......

There's very few things that I want
in my life. However, those few things,
I want in abundance.

I'm wondering about you. What do
you want? I thought I might open my
heart and share my deepest desires.
Perhaps it can help you to express
yours as well.

If you want to write me and share with
me, I promise you complete confidentiality.
Just to let you know that someone is here.

What I want in my life.

I want a spiritual connection that is so
evident that I sense it in greater
intensity more and more each day.

I've felt this way since I was seventeen
years old. Love awakened me spiritually
back then. It is still what moves me today.

I want to know the love of people. So
many people write me and let me
know how much they appreciate me
and my sharing on here. I can never
express how much it means to me to
have YOU in my life. I appreciate you!

I've never had anyone question my
sincerity of love. All I can say is, I
feel it so deeply and some completely.

I want to do all I can to not only love
and awaken love in women (who find
it so easy to love and express love),
but, I am so blessed to be able to
help men awaken and express the
love they feel and desire in their lives.

Its kind of interesting that women,
for the most part, feel free to
write on the wall of my profile while
most men, write me emails. No
matter. I'm happy to help them
get past whatever fears they have
in order to express what they are
feeling deep inside. You are no
less of a man. I know first hand how
good it feels and how wonderful
it makes your life when you can
express what's in your heart.

The third and last thing I want in
my life is to touch as many lives
as I can with love, encouragement,
inspiration and empowerment. If
I can't wrap my arms around you,
(and I'm a big guy, 6'3" and can
give a pretty good bear hug :-)
then I'm thankful that I've been
blessed to wrap my words around

If you need someone to share with,
I'm here for you. I care. I care about

I'd also love to know how these
notes that I write are helping you.
Let me know. I need to know and
you need to share it.

From my heart filled with love,
to yours,


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