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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Be here now.........

There is no reality but now.
"But Michael, are you telling
me that yesterday wasn't real?"
Yesterday WAS real, but no
longer. "So, Michael, you're
suggesting that I not think
about tomorrow?" Actually,
the 17th century translation
of the words of Jesus said
it best.

"Take NO thought for

My spiritual quest in life
has been to experience
peace and live in the
divine presence.

The apostle said,

"For in him we live,
move and have our being."

We you live in yesterday,
you distort your present.
It confuses your internal
concept of time. You
replay yesterday's events
and evoke yesterday's
emotions. Your mind
doesn't know the difference
between the sounds,
vision and feeling of
what it remembers and
what it is actually
experiencing presently.

I could go into much
greater depth in sharing
this. Or we can simply
skip to the solution.

The solution?

"Be here now."

How do you do this?

Wherever you're
reading this, stop
and acknowledge
every sound within
your range of hearing.
Especially the sound
that is likely the
greatest distance
from you.

Now, as you do this,
acknowledge the
silence beyond
all of the sounds
within your range
of hearing.

To aid in this
exercise, simply
tell yourself,

"Be here now".

As you focus on
those close and
distant sounds,
you will automatically
direct your attention
to the present.

And, "in the present,
you'll find presence."

Now, let me say that
I'm confident some of
you already do this
and possibly have done it
for a long time. You'll
appreciate me sharing
it thousands of others.

However, if you haven't
ever done this exercise,
I'd love to hear your
experience and
reflections on it,
after doing it.

Enjoy and 'be here

Much love to you,

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