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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some help to live in love and peace.....

When you choose to 'live love',
life and love become easier.
Love makes you more aware
of people, blessings, beauty
and the simple goodness in
the world.

Love also has an inner voice
of wisdom. Love can and will,
direct you. Love amplifies
intuition and wisdom. Wisdom
and intuition will lead you
to make right choices for
your life.

Love is a spiritual power.
As Dr. Hawkins reveals in
'Power vs. Force', the
power of love far exceeds
willful human force.

One thing that choosing to
live love has done for me
is, its made me more aware
of situations and people that
I do want in my life as well
as those I don't.

Love causes you to want to
live in peace. You cease
from all of your extraordinary
human effort and begin
to allow love to create the
life that you truly have
always wanted.

I was with a person that I
know as a casual acquaintance
this past week. In our
conversation, he said something
that I sensed as an attempt
to force some control over
me. It didn't feel right to
me. It went beyond my
boundaries of what I want
to allow at this point in
time in my journey.

I thought about it. I talked
to myself about it. I decided
that I'm not at a place in my
life that I want to expose
myself to someone who
I perceive, is attempting to
control me. My choice now is
to limit my exposure to
this person.

The objective truth about this
person is, they are a very
giving and caring person.
However, their attempt to
control me was not something
that I was willing to allow.

It is no judgment of them
nor of what they were
attempting to do. It was
me knowing where I am
in my own personal growth
and maturity and knowing
what is good for me and
what is not.

Had the situation been
something that had a
noble end or something
that, though it made me
uncomfortable, was
challenging me to grow
personally, I would have
viewed it differently.

My personal growth came
from my decision to limit
exposure to this person.

Now, you may feel that
you are at a place spiritually
and emotionally where you
can be around people like
this and still maintain the
level of peace that you
desire within. If you feel
that way, I think that is
great. I'm not presently
and need to set some
boundaries for myself.

Learn to listen to the inner
voice of wisdom. It is an
amazing gift when you
choose to live love. Learn
to listen more to your
intuition and inner voice.
Then, take action on
what you hear. You
can trust that voice to
deliver the life that you
truly do want to live.

Avalanches of love to you,

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