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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love desperation........

This is something many people
deal with 'over and over and over'
in their lives. It might be something
that you've had to deal with. It isn't
fun. In fact, it is quite painful. I want
to help you today. Especially if
you're feeling this pain.

A lady wrote me recently and was
nearly suicidal. She and her
'signo' (my word for significant
other) were on the outs. She
felt quite desperate and was in
a very deep depression.

Depression isn't fun. I've been
there when you didn't care
whether you see another sunrise
or not. It is serious.

There are several reasons
why a breakup is so traumatic.

The number one reason I've
found is, the person who has
been broken up with gets
into a mindset that they
can't or won't find anyone
else to love them.

You may have been told that there
is only ONE soul mate for you in
your life. The subconscious problem
is, 'we don't feel worthy or deserving
enough to believe that someone else,
will love us'.

This is a huge lie that we buy into and
believe. There is more than ONE
person on this planet that can
be a perfect soul mate for you.

Two, especially after a breakup,
you may not feel worthy or
deserving of love. The truth is,
you have to own whatever you
did, good or bad, in the relationship.
However, you can't own what some
one else did. Everyone is responsible
for their own actions, period.

There are many other reasons why
you might feel desperate, depressed
or devastated after a breakup.
But these two are the main causes
I've seen.

The truth is, love is such an amazing
gift that, when its taken away, it
hurts deeply.

I want to close today by saying,
YOU are worthy of love in your
life. You are deserving of having
a nurturing, caring, supportive,
empowering and amazing
relationship. It can and will
happen if you don't give up.

As always, love yourself first.

And know this,

I love you from my heart,


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