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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Loving spiritual insight.......

You likely feel a certain grace
about love. People are facing
things in their lives right now
that they've never dreamed
that they'd be facing. Financial
ruin. Job layoffs.

Go back 18 months ago and
everything seemed fine. Now
it seems that many have their
world turned upside down.

There is a certain element
in love that I know as grace.
Its the conscious choice not
to judge or condemn other
people. Its the choice to
have and show compassion.

I had lunch yesterday with
a man who has been through
some of the most horrifying life
situations imaginable. He
was actually humiliated on
a widely viewed television

I am fascinated by anyone
who can suffer the kind of
ridicule a person like this
has endured and still have
a smile on their face.

I asked him 'what got him
through?' His perspective
is amazing. He has gained
the revelation that what
he has gone through is a
spiritual test for him. His
reliance is upon spiritual
truth. His inspiration is
found in the Biblical story
of Jesus being accused
and condemned and never
defending himself.

His perspective on the whole
thing was astonishing. His
heart is full of love, even
for those who have done
this to him.

That, my friend, is grace.

Here's how I want to
encourage you today.
Find it in your heart of
love to show grace towards
others. When you and I
choose to hold this kind
of loving grace in our
hearts and express it
in our lives, we can change
the world.

I ask you just to think about
it today.

Avalanches of love (and grace),

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