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Monday, March 9, 2009

Love fantasy......

Do you think love is just a
fantasy? Do you feel that
it is something that might
seems 'right' to talk about,
but, in reality, you'll never
have it?

I've lived a half century so
far. I've known true
romantic love a few times
in my days on the planet.

I've experienced amazing
times in my life. I've known
success. I've known what
its like that it seems nothing
you do will work.

I've had more than my
share of great friends.
In fact, some truly
amazing people have
crossed my path 'up
close and personal.' I
feel very blessed. I've
known love. Giving and

I see a lot of people who
are my age, some older
and some, much younger.
Many of them have given
up on love. They've
been hurt. They've seen
a lot of hate. Too many
have been used and
abused. Some severely.

I walked into a
restaurant in Las Vegas
with a friend of mine.
The restaurant opened
up into a bar area. A
beautiful African American
young lady was singing
a song by Bonnie Raitt.
The words are, "I can't
make you love me if
you don't." I never felt
such sadness.

The song, though, is
still about a person who
doesn't feel loved but
continues to love
anyway. I thought
'been there, done that."

I hope you haven't lost
your desire and hope for
love. You are lovable.

I hope I can encourage
you to never give up on
love. When YOU quit
loving, you quit living.

As I've said so many times,
love yourself, love God
and love others. Hold
your intention or prayer
for love closely to your
heart and mind. Love
is not going to disappoint

You are made for love.
To give love and to be

And know this, Michael
Murphy, along with
over 1,000 others here
in this group, loves you.


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