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Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Message on Love From Papi Varela

In addition to sharing this amazing
message from Papi Varela, allow
yourself the pleasure to go and
hear Fernando's amazing
arrangement of the Star Spangled
Banner. Fernando is one of THE
greatest voices since Pavarotti
or Bocelli. He is truly amazing!

Go here

Much love, Michael
Every person is like a mirror.
When you love with no expectations,
not just the people you like,
but most of all the people
that you would consider impossible
to love, (please make a list of all
the types of people that you think
you could never love). Then give
each and everyone your love and
send them light so they can also
see and find love within themselves.

When in person you feel an energy
that repels you from a specific
person, that is a sign that you
are not reflecting yourself in their
mirror and they are not reflecting
themselves in yours.

This is how it works..just decide to
love EVERYONE and concentrate
in looking at them in their true attire,
their true essence, their eternal
spirit not their body, not their ego,
not their actions, just their never
ending soul. Awesome things occur
when you decide to first love yourself
and then find the reflection of your
love in others.

Funny story that I do as an exercise
while shopping, for example in a
very busy and diverse store
(i.e. Walmart) in my mind I say to
EVERYONE in my perimeter of vision,
" I love you and send you light ! " and
then I keep saying to everyone that
I encounter ( in silence , if not they
might think I'm crazy,LOL) 'I Love You,
I love you, I love you, I love you, I
love you, I love you, by now you
get the point.

Simply start to love yourself first and
forgive yourself constantly and
immediately! Everytime you catch
yourself faltering , or what I call
"falling out of love with yourself"
just say I'm starting all over again,
I forgive myself for this temporary
mishap and I go forward , in this
Bliss of loving me. all of a sudden
you will start reflecting yourself in
others and you will, ( guaranteed)
start helping others do the same.

You will not be able to keep the
people away from you , you will
become a magnet of Love, a beautiful
mirror , where there is only one
reflection, the reflection of our
collective ONENESS which is the
one and only thing that matters....LOVE!

Papi Varela
You can also go hear Fernando sing,
"You Lift Me Up".
Go here

To download both videos for your
own personal enjoyment,
go here:

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