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Friday, March 13, 2009

Complexities of love......

I was asked recently, "Michael, why
is love so complex? Is it love that
is complex or is it relationships that
are complex?"

Good questions.

We get love mixed up with something
that we feel towards a 'signo'
(my abbreviation for 'significant other').
There's an emotional openness,
a sense of being completed and
an amazing excitement when we
feel that we are 'in love'.

Love is complex for several reasons.

One, love is complex because it IS
so powerful. We have such a deep
hunger and thirst to love and be

Two, love is complex because, well,
we don't understand it. It is something
that we experience. It is not something
that we can explain like mathematics.

Three, love is complex because
it has such an amazing sway over
our lives. We feel desperate
without it. We feel awesome with

The power of love can be seen when
someone has 'fallen in love' and then
that love is somehow withdrawn from
them. From amazing ecstasy to deep

Love becomes a lot less complex
when we gain the consciousness that
it is more than something that we
possess or have. Love is something
that you become. It is something
that you feel for all of humankind.
It is something that you feel for

I find myself sensing an incredible
love for people I've not met yet.
I see people in various places and
feel a conscious 'in the moment'
love for them. Its not a romantic
feeling of love. But it is love

You are deserving of living your
life in love. It is a conscious choice
that you'll choose.

You will find that when you do
this, the complexities of love
begin to dissolve. Your relationships,
platonic, romantic or with people
you don't even know, are
greatly enhanced. You go to
another level of living.

I highly recommend living the
life of love. Your life will be
far better and much more

With great love to you,

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