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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maybe you need this today............

I want to share something
with you today that might
just speak to you right now.

Love is a feeling down deep
inside. It often comes from
making the conscious choice
'to love.' I think you'll agree
that it is THE most amazing
feeling you can experience.

I believe that love can be
a place that we live in.
Especially in our close
relationships and with a
significant other.

It starts with an attitude.
A choice that you are
going to be conscious
enough to purposely take
actions and communicate
in a way that expresses
your heart.

The most important
actions you can take
is in choosing the right
language to express

I was talking to a
friend the other day
about his strained
relationship with his
daughter. She had
done some things
that he felt were
unacceptable. He
was concerned about
her punishment.

He asked for my
advice. I told him,
"Make sure that you
lay a firm foundations
of the assurance of
your love."

He said, "Well, I've
already told her that
I love her. Do I need
to tell her again?" If
I didn't know how
serious he was, I
would have chuckled.

I told him, "Man, this
whole process with
your daughter is a
journey of love.
You've only gone
the first mile. There
are hundreds of
miles to go."

Unexpressed love is
like a vault with a
billion dollars in it.
Its worthless until
you open the door.

Tell those in your life
that you do love,
what they mean to

I want you to know
that because of you
and your heart to
truly care and love
others, I am the most
blessed man alive on
the planet. You bless
my life and make my
soul smile.

I love you and
appreciate your
presence in my life,


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