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Friday, March 20, 2009

Living out love......

We all go through the
crucible of life. We have
our 'dark nights of the
soul'. We're usually on
the threshold of change,
major life shifts.

Choosing to live in love,
you will be tested. Like
gold, there is dross that
must be extracted in
order for it to be pure.

So we go through tests.
Sometimes they are more
like trials. Sometimes,
there are no words to
describe the emotions,
the pain.

There's two things that
I know to do in such

One, surrender to it.
Especially if there's
nothing you can do
about it physically. Even
if you've made mistakes
that you can't go back
and redo or fix.

You forgive yourself.
Love yourself anyway.
And surrender.

The second thing you
can do is, allow others
to love, encourage and
support you. You know
the people in your life
who will be there to
do this for you. You
know the ones who
will not.

Hint: Get around the
ones who will :).

There's healing for
you. There's healing
for me. There's plenty
of love here for us

Living and loving it out,

1 comment:

Becky said...

Wow. surrender is so powerful. I must admit I was on my knees this morning and that is exactly what I did. Seems like I have run for so long, and surrendering again to His plans for my life, even when I am not sure what they are, put me back "in touch" with love. I so want to live out love, and not just live. Thank you for sharing your heart.