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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Be love....

A buddy of mine called me
recently. His first words were,
"Where are you?" My rather
quick witted (o.k., it was
sarcastic) answer was,
"I'm right here." :-)

Most people are not
where they are. Oh,
they might be there
in their physical body,
but not in their mind.

There is no 'reality'
outside of the present
moment. Yesterday is
a memory. You might
be able to hit the
'rewind' button and
replay it; but, its not
part of your present

Tomorrow (or even
30 minutes from now)
is a creation of your mind.
IT is not reality.

There is no reality except
where you are right now.

Have you ever heard the
deafening silence beyond
all the sounds that you hear
right now? If you can
'learn to be still' and
not only hear the sounds
in your three dimensional
world, but listen intently
into the dimension beyond,
you'll experience what I mean.

Try it if you never have
before. Its kind of a
fourth dimensional spatial

In reality, it only allows
you to be present now
in you awareness or

Our lives get quite
convoluted when we
make this huge effort
of living in the future
or living in the past.

When you choose to be
present now and just
become aware, you
will feel a sense of calm
and a presence of love.

The ancient writings of
King David encouraged
us to 'be still and know
that I am God.' There
is a divine presence
that you'll feel when
you do this. God is love
and you'll feel the
the divine love.

Allow yourself to be
present today and
enjoy the love.

You ARE loved!

I love you,

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