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Thursday, February 19, 2009

How to attract the love you long for......

In writing these notes, I've created
a bit of a dilemma for myself. I am
learning that as I pour out of my
own heart, the love that I feel
towards others, I'm getting more
and more love back. As this love
overflows (which it always will), I'm
left with giving more and more love
to others.

That's the way love is. It is a powerful
spiritual force. I can't explain it. I can
write about it. I can write about it
in poetry that is sweet to the heart
and ears. In fact, I've written
several poems trying to describe
love. But still, its indescribable.

A sweet lady wrote me yesterday
and said that she didn't know if
love would ever find her again.
I knew what she was saying.
She wants, needs and longs for
the love of a man in her life.

I told here to start focusing
on loving strangers that she
sees in the grocery store. She
doesn't have to go up and hug
them or even tell them that
she loves them. Just feel it
in your heart and show it with
your smile. Show it in your

AS you choose to do this,
that 'right, special someone'
will show up in your life. You
can trust the power of love
to bring you exactly who
you need in your life.

Love changes YOU. It makes
you more attractive. It makes
you physically attractive. Plus,
it sets you up to have the
loving, caring, supportive and
incredibly fulfilling relationship
that you've always dreamed
of having.

Think about these simple words
I'm sharing with you today.

I know this.

I love you,


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