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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This will help you get over fear......

As I've shared with you, love is
the greatest power on the planet.
It can and does overcome anything.

I don't know if you're experiencing
this, but a lot of people are fearful
of what is going on in their lives
and in the world. We are living
in challenging times.

Franklin Roosevelt intended well
when he said that we have nothing
to fear except for fear itself.
However, there is only one thing
that overcomes fear. And that is

Think about fear and what it is.
Zig said that fear is, 'false evidence
appearing real.'

I like to think about it this way. Fear
is not knowing what is ahead in
your life and feeling as if it isn't
going to be good. Fear is associated
with darkness, the unknown.

Love, on the other hand, casts
a light on the unknown. As I've
shared with you before, 'light
always overcomes darkness.'
Thus, love dispels fear.

Here's the challenge.

Fear creeps in and takes over your
mind. It will dominate your thoughts
with expectations of gloom and doom.

Love is something that you choose.
Yes, love is deeply emotional. But
it must first be a choice.

You know that if you are in a relationship,
or ever have been, there are times
when you must 'choose' to love the
other person. Females do this and
understand this better than us guys.

You know that there are times
that you 'must choose' to love
the man. It doesn't always come
naturally. The love is there. And
it is real. But there are times
that it is a choice.

Well, I feel that the same is
true with choosing to focus
on love rather than living in
fear. You choose to focus on
loving yourself, loving life, loving
others, loving God, loving everything
around you. When you do
this, the darkness of fear
instantly vanishes. It can
come back. But the key is
to 'choose love'. Become
conscious of the power of love
and what it does for you in
your life.

Focus, focus, focus on love.
What do you love about
your life? What do you love
about things that have happened
for you in your life? What are you
thankful for in your life? Even
the smallest things in life.

I want to help you overcome
and get through whatever
you might be going through.
There is a brighter day if you
are facing some dark days.

Choose love. It will light your
way, showing you the way
and taking you where you
want to go.

Waves of love to you today!

From my heart to your heart!


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