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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love believes all things....Sylvia's story....

You may have seen my quote
from Donald Trump recently
about skeptics, cynics and critics.
The key factor regarding this
group is, 'Don't be one of
them.' They have few friends,
they're generally not happy
people and sadly, they have
no life except to point out
what's wrong in the world.

As 'the Donald' said, "They
are necessary to have around."
Perhaps that's true. I'm not
signing up to join their group.
Neither do I suggest that
you do.

And, if you've already joined
them, drop out. Please. For
your own sake.

Love believes all things.

Sylvia wrote me recently.
She allowed me to share her
story and what happened.

Sylvia was in love with Dan.
Dan was full of life, full of
vision and full of stories.
You probably already know
where this story is headed
(particularly if you're female).

Dan told her all these things
that they were going to
do together. Sylvia believed
him. Dan asked her to drop
almost everything in her
life for him.

Sylvia had the intuition that
something was wrong with
this picture. She considered
doing what he wanted but
finally decided against it.

As I've already said, you likely
know the rest of the story.

Dan turned out to not to
be 'all that'. His stories
didn't pan out. His ambitions
weren't backed with

Even though he had
pulled hard at Sylvia's
'heart strings' and emotions,
Sylvia had inner guidance
that kept her safe.

She said that his biggest
attempt was when he
told her, "Baby, if you don't
do what I'm asking, I can't
do it alone."

Sylvia reminded me that
'love believes all things.'
She said that she believed
that Dan truly has the
aspirations and dreams that
he'd shared. All men have
some kind of vision for
their life.

I've found that most things
that people tell me are
not going to change my
life if they turn out to
not be true. My friend,
Dr. Lea, told me, "If
someone lies to me
about something and if the
outcome doesn't alter
my life, then I can always
say, "Well, it was a great

Sylvia proved to me that
her perspective and wisdom
knew that Dan probably
intended well. However,
it also proved, in the end,
that her precaution from
inner guidance (that small
voice within) proved to
serve her well.

Most stories, ambitions
and aspirations that
people share with you,
have no great effect
upon you in your life.
Some do. Those that
don't, you can basically
blow off. Those that
do, you need to listen
to the voice of your
inner wisdom and
follow it.

Even in the end, you
aren't diving off into
'awfulizing' or 'totalizing'
someone. You just
choose to love yourself
well enough to listen
to the voice of wisdom.

I hope this helps to give
you a little better insight
into true love.

Avalanches of love to you


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