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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love: the new financial stimulus package

One of our group members, Sandie, wrote me
last week. She talked about how much she
loved her job (and her life). I asked her what
she did. She said, "Michael, I am an ambassador
of love. Not just in my work either. Every where
I go. I've endured some accusations of being
'too friendly' with people, but I love everyone
and I want them to know it. I can't tell them
all, but, sometimes more importantly, I can
show them. Oh, but my official title is
Senior Vice President."

I read last week, an article in a magazine,
"Companies That Don't Do Layoffs". It was
rather surprising to see companies who
believe so strongly in their corporate culture,
vision and appreciate their employees as well
as customers.

These companies purposefully create an
environment that endears the employee
to do almost anything for their corporate
success. They treat each employee with
respect and 'like humans' (in some cases,
like family). In return, they earn amazing

I love to see both companies and individuals
who do what they do, using the talents, skills
and resources that they have to make the
planet a happier and better place.

I guess, if you've been with me (in this
group) for any time now, you know I
love the legendary business philosopher,
Mr. Jim Rohn. I quote him often and live
by much of what I've learned from him
the past twenty plus years.

Mr. Rohn says, "You can work at McDonalds
and take out the trash and make minimum
wage. You can whistle and smile while you take
out the trash and they'll likely pay you at
least 50 cents more. "

Of course, Mr. Rohn is talking about your
attitude. But what if you have an attitude
like Sandie's? What if in your words and
in your actions, you start showing people
that you care for them and love them?

I realize that there is a certain 'corporate
climate' that must be maintained. But,
what if you choose to even do random
acts of kindness for those who don't
expect you to do such?

I know a lady in Dallas that is a VP
of a very large financial services
company. I've never been around
anyone who exuded so much love.
She has an amazing charisma that
you know that she is the 'real deal'
when she enters a room . I'm
convinced that the room gets
brighter with her in it.

She also owns a foundation that
brings a lot of happiness to sick
children. She's not just the founder
of the foundation. She dresses up
as 'Bunny Love' in order to entertain
children. She has an amazing effect
upon their lives.

I learned well from Dr. Hawkins' book
that love is the most amazing power
on the planet. Love isn't weak as some
suppose. It is awesomely strong.
AND it fully complements business
and profits in every regard.

Choose love today. If you aren't
comfortable talking about it then,
by all means, show it in your
actions. You're going to make
someone's day brighter and,
you're going to bless your own life
in ways you've never imagined.

Let your light of love, shine bright!

Avalanches of love to you,

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