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Friday, February 6, 2009

Love never fails.........

Anger comes to an end and leaves
devastation. Hatred will kill, steal and
destroy your life. Unforgiveness brings
sickness and dis-ease. Pride causes
the mighty to fall.


Love, never fails.

It never has. It never will.

I love the Eagles. Timothy B. Smitt
sings an incredible song called, "Love
Will Keep Us Alive". When you hear
it, it resonates deeply in your heart.
Its truth is that 'love is powerful.'

My heart longs to both realize
(personally) and reveal to others
the importance of self love, God
love (agape) and 'others love.'

A great teacher said, "Study only
love." I would say that we should
be in constant pursuit of this,
THE most powerful expression
on earth.

My dear friend, love will never
fail you. You must know its
full expression and truly experience
it unconditionally. 'Conditional love'
is really not love at all.

Love that says, "I'll love you as
long as you love me", isn't real
love. That's only a contract.

Love that is chosen as a lifestyle
is real. It will not and cannot fail.

I shared with you recently that
God is love, you are one with
God, therefore, YOU are love.

Let this truth marinate your
heart, mind, soul and spirit.
Then, watch the power of
love transform your life and
your world.

Choose love. Its the only thing
that will never fail you.

With sincere avalanches
of love for you,


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