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Friday, February 13, 2009

Listen to Love..........

A young man walked into my
office one day. I'd not met
him before but he had called
for an appointment to see me.

When he arrived, I could tell
by the look on his face that
some major 'life issue' was
weighing heavy on his heart
and mind.

He sat down and immediate
told me, "Michael, my girlfriend
is pregnant. I don't know what
to do. I've attempted to talk
to my parents, my minister and
a therapist. All I've gotten is
lectures about having sex.
But whether or not having
sex outside of marriage is
right or wrong, well, that's
not my problem right now."

I told him that it doesn't take
rocket science intelligence
to know how he got where
he is. I told him, "Brian, the
thing you need to do is get
ready for a baby. You need
to start going to the baby
store or into the department
where baby clothes, cribs,
strollers, etc., are sold and start
getting ready for an amazing

Brian broke down and a flood
of emotion started gushing
from his heart. All he could
say for the next several minutes
was, "Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you."

I learned something that day.
I learned that love has a voice.
It is a logical voice. It is a rational
voice. But more importantly,
it is a voice of the heart.

Love has a voice that isn't
interested in judging another
human being. Brian knew
how he got into the place
that he was in. There was no
'undoing' that. The only
thing left for him was, prepare
for a beautiful baby.

I saw Brian and Misty recently.
They now have 2 beautiful
children. They both came up
to me and hugged me. They'll
never forget. Neither will I.

When you choose to listen to
your heart, you know exactly
what to do even before a
'Brian' walks in to your life.
You realize how important it
is to listen to the voice of love.
You also realize how powerful
it is.

It was very humbling for me
to realize the power of what
happened THAT day. There
is a power in listening to
the inner voice of love that
is beyond my own ability.

Listening to the voice of
love has proven to be the
wisest and most sane thing
I've ever done in my life.

Choose to listen to the voice
of love. You'll walk away from
all of your 'life issues' having
done and made the right

I love you,

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