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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Live the love life........

When I was 17 years old, I seemed outwardly
like I had it all together. I was well liked. Had
several friends. Was somewhat 'known' in my
high school. I had been class president my
sophomore year.

The truth was, down deep inside, I felt like
a fake. I was scared, insecure, unsure of myself,
didn't feel all that smart and was pretty much
terrified of girls.

I'd gone to church most of my life. I didn't
like it. Didn't like the judgment that I felt.
Didn't like the 'meaness' that I felt from many
people there. Didn't feel the love that I
knew that I needed.

Then, in an instant, everything changed. A
minister came to our church who opened
his heart and mind to everyone. He wasn't
delivering the message that all the others

Clyde started loving this tall skinny kid
(the 'skinny' part took several years
to change :-). Clyde treated me with
amazing love and inclusion. I'd never felt
that before.

I didn't see myself as 'spiritual'. I loved
to party and do whatever it took to
'check out', mentally, emotionally AND
spiritually. I wanted to 'check in' socially
and do what it took to be accepted,
admired and hopefully, loved.

Clyde believed in me. He saw the potential
in me. He let me know. He delivered his
message on the wings of grace and love.

It changed my life. I've never been the

I went from being a kid with no thoughts
of the future, to planning to go to
college and actually doing something with
the life I'd been given.

You now know why I talk about, believe
in and am totally focused on love. Love
changed my life. With love came
encouragement and later, empowerment.

I learned a spiritual truth a long time
ago about what I experienced. It said,
"How can a man say that he loves God
and yet hate his brother." The implication
is, he can't.

Love is what life is all about. Love is
what God and spirituality is all about.

As I've shared, there is only one love.
I know it as 'agape'. It is divine. It is
spiritual. It is expressed and is intended
to be expressed in our love for friends
and 'loved ones'. It is intended to be
expressed romantically.

I want to live in this bubble of love.
It doesn't isolate me from others.
It brings me closer to them. I feel
even closer to someone when
I choose to love them.

I wanted you to know a little more
of my story. Hopefully it resonates
with you and encourages you even
more to live the life of love.

I want you to know that you are
loved. By me and by many others
here connected with us. I want
YOU to be encouraged.

I want to say directly from heart
to your heart, make love your life.
It will transform you and help you
to help others be transformed.

Waves and waves of love to you.

I love you,


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