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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A personal message from Papi Varela...............

You may know already and
have responded so that you
can receive an amazing blessing
by being introduced to Fernando
Varela. He will undoubtedly receive
worldwide acclaim on the scale of
Pavarotti and Bocelli. He is THAT

Well, it so happens that his father
and brother are both connected
with me and you here on FB. You're
about to discover that Fernando's
amazing gift was truly born in an
environment of awesome spiritual
mentoring by his father.

I asked Papi Julio's permission to
share the following with you today.

Enjoy and be blessed!

Thank you very much for such a beautiful message of love.

When I decided to "drop off" from what you could call the "Business" world for almost 2 years, it was because i realized that life what so much more than what you could actually see, hear or touch. That essence or true nature that guides us is totally unseen, inaudible and untouchable, it has never began and it will never end. Interesting how by not knowing how to explain this phenomenon we are constantly aware of the fact that this translates from this ambiguous state into a paradox of unity.
For it is through love, and love only, that we can constantly be in touch with this indescribable conundrum that if we trust completely , will ALWAYS lead us to where we need to go.
You see the simplicity of our choices lies in in one simple question that we should ask ourselves every time we are to make a decision on what to do or how to act when faced with small or big decisions. That question is;
"Am I doing this coming from fear (or all the other heads of the same monster, like shame, pride, alter ego, retaliation,etc.) or am I doing this from LOVE?" The choice is always simple and at the same time can be made complex by so many justifications that can surround our decision process. But at the end it always boils down to you and you alone. You can never fool yourself, so it is very simple , ALWAYS, ALWAYS choose LOVE!

Jai Satchinanda...Papi Julio


If you've not connected with Fernando,
do so now. Go to .
You can download or just listen to him
signing 'Nessun Dorma'. Amazing!

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